"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort."

Dry Aging is one of the oldest preparation techniques known to man, requiring time, patience, and careful attention to detail. It’s a process that can’t be rushed, but the rewards are more than worth it. With Dry Aging in the DRYAGER cabinet, we achieve an incomparable taste of meat to create the best meat in the world.


During Dry Aging in the DRY AGER Cabinet, the meat age for a certain period of time at a controlled temperature, humidity, air movement, and air quality. The longer the meat is stored, the fuller and more intense the flavor. In short, meat is at its highest level of refinement.

Slow & Steady

Tenderised Meat

All of our beef is placed in a Dry Ager for 21-90 days to allow naturally present enzymes to break down collagen to make is much more satisfying and easy to chew.

Intensified Flavours

The second noticeable change is the flavor. Properly dry-aged beef will develop beefy, nutty and almost cheese-like aromas.

Concentrated Flavours

The third change that occurs to mear during the drying process is moisture loss. A dry-aged piece of beef can lose a third of its initial volume in water loss, which concentrates its flavor.


The beef is unlike any others, unmatched in its taste & texture. With the Dry Ager we are able to create more beefier, concentrated & tender piece of steak. Truly Remarkable..


The Dry Ager is not only enabling us to create traditional dry-aged beef. It also helps us to create the first butter-aged steak in Malaysia. It really is the next-level steak experience.

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